Hybrid Spaces

Interested in a bespoke quality hybrid space for your business?

Hybrid Spaces

Interested in a bespoke quality hybrid space for your business?

Hybrid spaces designed for your business

Our 7 serviced Hybrid spaces are available between 490 and 1394 sq. ft and can be let or leased with a full range of services including telephone and broadband services. Or as a carrier neutral building we have the flexibility to enable you to arrange this yourself with a third party provider.

We understand that every business will have different needs and our onsite centre team will work with you to deliver the fit-out and serviced management model that suits you and your business best.

Versatile range

A range of hybrid spaces to suit start ups to growing and larger businesses

Modern, high quality finishes throughout

Plug and play internet connections

Small hybrid space

Need a small hybrid space

Our Hybrids start at 490sq ft so perfectly sized for getting your 2 to 4 person business up and running, they have a modern industrial feel with vinyl floors and painted breezeblock walls yet have an acoustic ceiling. With on site support you are sure to get your new business off to a great start.

Medium to large hybrids space

Medium to large Hybrids for growing businesses

We have a range of Hybrids between 490 sq ft and 1394 sq ft, ideal for if you want something bigger or are expanding from a smaller space and want to make the move as stress free as possible.

24/7 access

Double external door

Reserved Parking

Separate alarm on external door

High-quality finish

Vinyl flooring, painted breezeblock walls and acoustic ceiling

Ideal as clean micro lab/workshop activity

A vibrant community

Home to a vibrant community of start-up and expanding businesses of all sizes. Located at the heart of the dynamic international community convening in and around the Nissan Sunderland plant, we are home to a number of local supply-chain businesses that value the onsite connections and close proximity to collaborators.

Find us

Washington Business Centre

2 Turbine Way, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, SR5 3NZ

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